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Success comes when all the pillars of your team contribute their efficient skills towards achieving the goals. Meet our team members.

I’m Ishita Tripathi, a seasoned Legal Consultant and Founder & CEO at ProGenics. With extensive experience in various legal advisory roles, I support entrepreneurs in integrating law and business effectively. My services include legal research, contract drafting, and compliance, focusing on company law and intellectual property rights.

I am a Registered Trademark Attorney and Law Practitioner. I have handled trademark filings, objections, oppositions, and registrations, including appearances before the Trademark Registry. I draft legal documents and represent clients in corporate, commercial, and IPR matters. I worked on legal compliance and incorporations. My legal journey also includes internships at multiple law firms, where I gained experience in consumer law, family law, human rights, and statutory compliance.

As the founder of ProGenics, we offer business development strategies to help clients navigate market dynamics, connect with industry leaders, and identify potential customers. Additionally, we enhance your business’s online presence with targeted digital marketing and support smooth operations with comprehensive compliance services, including audits under the Companies Act, 2013, and financial management.

Ishita Tripathi

Founder & CEO | Legal Consultant

I am the Founder and Business Development Consultant at ProGenics Global Consultants, specializing in logistics and supply chain management with over 15 years of experience. My expertise includes B2B and retail sales, network building, and vendor and sales alignment, with a particular focus on Partial-Truckload (PTL) logistics.

Starting my career as a delivery intern, I quickly developed a passion for the logistics sector, progressing through various strategic roles where I gained skills in network planning, logistical analysis, inventory, and warehouse management. This broad experience equips me to adapt and thrive in this dynamic industry.

I also have extensive experience in managing operations and optimizing network strategies, focusing on efficiency and high standards in service delivery. My role has involved strategic planning for expanding operations, training teams, and implementing standard operating procedures to maintain quality standards.

Today, I utilize my background to provide lead generation and business development consultation, helping businesses set precise targets and manage resources effectively.

Sourav Mishra

Founder & COO | Business Development Consultant

I’m Rajat Gajjar, your dedicated digital marketing partner since 5 years. My passion is helping startups, SMBs, and individuals boost their online presence, guiding them from inception to robust growth.

I manage marketing and IT departments, focusing on industries like IT, SaaS, and Cyber Security. My services span Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, YouTube Marketing, SEO, SEM, and content creation including copywriting and ghostwriting. I also specialize in LinkedIn Personal Branding and lead generation.

Committed to innovation and driven by the belief that “Change is the only constant,” I continuously develop new strategies to enhance our digital footprint and improve client engagement. I’ve successfully led teams and campaigns that significantly increased online visibility and customer engagement.

Rajat Gajjar

Marketing & IT Consultant

As a Sales specialist for the past 5 years, I am on a mission to generate high-ticket leads. I leverage my expertise to drive digital innovation and enhance customer experiences in the logistics sector, working with industry leaders across multiple countries to boost revenue growth. My role involves applying advanced sales techniques and a deep understanding of market demands to effectively close new business opportunities.

In the educational technology sector, I collaborate with educational organizations to address their challenges and meet their goals through the development, support, and delivery of digital learning products and platforms. As a Senior Sales & Marketing Executive, I am instrumental in generating and closing new business opportunities, contributing significantly to the growth and expansion of our offerings.

Additionally, my experience in marketing technology enables me to support modern marketers in delivering exceptional customer experiences. I employ strategies such as 1:1 personalization and enhanced engagement to help clients increase their revenue streams. This experience is bolstered by my expertise in equities research, where I provide actionable recommendations to investors in the Australian share market, guiding decisions on buying, selling, or holding stocks.

This diverse background allows me to bring a comprehensive approach to sales and marketing strategies, aiming to not only meet but exceed customer and client expectations in various sectors.

Ashish Jha

Sales Specialist

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